Residential / Commercial Window Cleaning in Montreal

There are many objects which require daily cleaning and regular maintenance services. You have invested a significant amount in these types of assets, and they are not easy to replace. The best and the only option is to keep them neat, clean, and organized. There may be grime build up on the surfaces and the dust accumulation over there. You have to clean them daily to keep them in their original form. Windows need a regular cleaning service even if you have a residential or commercial space. Montreal Cleaning Company provides our customers in Montreal, , Laval, Longueuil, Quebec and surrounding areas the best Window Cleaning Service.

Window washing services

There are different approaches to clean window mirrors, and many ingredients are useful for cleaning it. The simple way to clean a window is to make a solution of hot water and detergent. Apply it on the window and rub it gently using a cotton cloth. If there is grime build up and it seems hard to remove you can apply baking powder to deal with grime build up. Baking powder is a universal cleaner, and you can clean all types of stains and spots. That's why we use baking powder in Window Cleaning Service. Use our online estimator to receive a quote or schedule a window cleaning. You can also call us at 1-844-200-0100 to schedule a free quote.

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